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Thursday 26th October

Your one BIG mantra

This week I have had some really deep conversations with people about their tenacity and resilience and the methods they use to manage their minds.
When I woke this morning, I thought about a mantra I was given 19 years ago by an osteopath who specialized in NLP. So my thought for the day is “what do you repeat to yourself when you are managing your mind in crisis or even when just keeping yourself UP’.
The reason we have #strongmind –StrongBusiness as one of our 3 pillars in The Business Cafe is because we think it is so critical to manage our minds; using self-coaching techniques throughout our day to overcome disappointment, fear of uncertainty, lack of confidence, exhaustion and any other emotion that attempts to creep in and dash our ability to be powerful, strong and successful.
I would love to hear your story behind your mantra, so I am going to share mine to kick things off.
In 1998, I had 3 little children under 5, a puppy and a new business called Ecademy. My day was hectic, nursery runs, school runs, puppy training, setting up a website, building a brand, running a home – etc etc etc. My back was permanently tight, neck agony and headaches galore. So I want to see a brilliant man called Mark Matthews in Guildford, an osteopath.
I entered his room, put on a gown, ready to sense his healing hands on my sore back. Instead he sat me at a table and asked me why I thought my back was giving me jip. I looked at him a bit irritated, I wasn’t there for therapy, I just wanted a practical session. However, with coaching, I began to tell him about my life, a typical life of a young mum and start-up. It became peppered with the emotions of it all, a few tears and then he said it to me
……………“so, do you like feeling this way”.
I looked at him and wanted to thump him. “what the hell does that mean, I thought”. So, I answered….
And he answered ..
“well stop then”.
Silence……………….. staring at him I said
“okay then”.
And that was that. My mantra was formed. Forever. I now control my mind and my emotions, this is one thing I am in control of. I regularly ask myself
“Penny, do you like feeling this way”, and my answer is, “No thank you”, so I stop the emotion and I get on top of what ever need sorting, or I reverse the emotion and send it away.
Of course, some things are real, they are not my destructive subconscious, they need to be embraced, acknowledged and dealt with, but those shitty little voices, I kick them well into touch.
I know that I can’t control outside things, I can’t always be as brilliant as I would like to be (!), but the one thing I am in control of is how I feel. And I choose to be happy, I choose to be joyful. (love that term, thank you Rod Banner, my new good friend).
So, how about you, can you share your story and your mantra?



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