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On the 13th November 2017 we will open our Crowdfund. Raising money from people just like you and me that would like to sit in a cafe that is dedicated to business and offers quality and shows that we matter.

Along with our social aims, The Business Café is very much a commercial entity with multiple revenue streams and investment opportunities. Investment in our head office is available for private investors and business angels and each café is funded on a managed franchise purchase or as a crowd-funded, community-owned entity.

We have ambitious plans to scale and bring this concept to hundreds of towns across the UK, Europe and Internationally.

Penny and Thomas Power, as Founders of The Business Café, built a global network of Business Owners called Ecademy, a forerunner to LinkedIn. They had events in over 52 cities and countries and know the value of taking the network capability to local people.

Gail Thomas, COO and co-founder, has experience in corporate national online retail and is a serial business woman (including café start-ups) and author of The Gift of Time.

An Investment Summary is available for genuinely interested investors, please contact

For councils, colleges or BIDs interested in a franchise, please get in touch below or email

If you would like to be kept informed of the launch of the Crowdfund, please complete the Pledge Form at the top of the website page, indicating your level of investment and we will be in touch