Become a shareholder in The Business Cafe

We’d love our community and supporters to become shareholders in The Business Cafe and beneficiaries of the success you help us to create.

Many of the hundreds of people we have met and connected recently have expressed interest in a TBC crowdfund and we are keen to pursue this and fulfil the dream of sharing our business with those it serves. So if you are thinking of or intending to invest, we’d really appreciate it if you could let us know who you are and how much you are thinking of so that we can register your early interest. The Business Cafe is EIS approved by HMRC.

NB There is no commitment at this stage, this is not an offer to invest and no payment will be taken, this is purely a guide for our own information. We’ll use your information to keep you informed on our offer when it comes and our progress through the process. You have every right to change your mind.

Get more information on what fires our mojo by watching our hugely ad hoc, one-take video here: