Business Membership

Being a member of The Business Café is part of being a local business friend.

Owning a small business is a life-style decision that is rewarding and enables us all to live a healthier life around our families, friends and local clients and suppliers. At the same time it can be hard to manage energy levels and keep positive all the time against the daily ups and downs.

Social Media is fantastic for sharing a social side of us all and for finding information and to some extent reduces isolation. This new social world has shown us all the value of spontaneous conversations that can be many and varied.

Your Local Business Community

Having a local community of business friends that are in similar positions to you brings support, confidence and relief. The Business Café is not only somewhere that is for you to belong to and receive an unconditional welcome, it is also somewhere that you can get help with your online skills.

Our young adults are your hosts, managed by their mentor, all seeking to build powerful and rewarding careers. We take responsibility to help all our local young employees gain skills and confidence with local business people. They know that your peace and comfort are critical to the success of The Business Café.

Our team of Digital Friends are often hoping to find long-term placements in businesses like yours, where they can use their skills to help grow your business. The Business Café is your café, where you belong to a local community that wants everyone to thrive.

Our mission is to bring a café to every town across the UK.