About The Business Café

The Business Café (TBC) offers a new concept to old habits. Most of us meet in coffee shops for business, support each other and share our vulnerabilities as well as the good things that we find that can help us in our business. All of us need company from time to time and the majority benefit from bite size chunks of technical assistance from others!

It is the passion of the founders to bring free community and skills to SMEs across the UK and beyond.

Penny Power OBE – CEO and co-founder
The Business Cafe is Penny’s brainchild, borne of a rainy day when the trains were cancelled and the majority of fettered passengers decamped to a local coffee shop. Whilst everyone improvised meetings and caught up with emails, no-one chatted, there was no sense of community. How wonderful, she thought, if everyone could have such a place to feel less lonely in business, even better if they could also gain new skills and support each other.

Gail Thomas – COO and co-founder
Similarly, Gail had seen the demise of the high street and recognised a need for such spaces to regenerate with new purpose to breathe life back into independent traders and the communal space. In a more transactional way, her vision was for an entrepreneur’s shop, where business people could meet, network and trade as a result.

Together Penny and Gail have created The Business Cafe vision and will bring it to market in 2018.