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Thought for the Day – Tuesday 21st November

Time for you.


So the thought I want to give today is about how we look after ourselves and raise our energy.

I have talked in the past about how we are always in danger of defining ourselves by our work, focusing our minds, bodies and spirit on the daily routines, people and plans around our business lives. Most of us are very lucky as our work is what we love. We ‘live to work’. This is good, we are the lucky ones; but to my peril, I know the danger of this and how important it is to give yourself some time to be just ‘you’.

Nurturing yourself is critical and is the source of your energy. I wrote a while back about having a Duvet Day. We all have different ways we chose to spend our time outside of our work. We need different tools at our disposal to rest, recoup, re-inspire ourselves and find new creativity in our thinking and problem solving. A walk, meditation, yoga, gym, friends, TV, whatever it is, we all need it and we must have it.

The #strongmind we need to be in control of our emotions, manage the unexpected, cope with the disappointments, create the joys in our personal lives and to build a business that is sustainable does not happen without consideration and without a lot of oxygen and the habit of applying time to our own identity, not always the parent, supplier, daughter, son, but YOU.

I find it hard to even find these words, I have faltered at some of the sentences as they have flowed, this is a new dawning for me. I am moving into a demanding and exciting life once more, at the same time I am moving away from the duties as a parent in my day to day life, never in my heart, but as my children grow, my physical duties reduce as a mum.

As part of my new dawn, I have asked Cathrine Richardson to help me find me and help me to have a #strongmind and #strongbody. To help me discover that that I exist outside of all the things I do for others, the things I work at. I know from past experience the pitfalls of defining myself by the day to day work successes or challenges. Cathy and I are doing yoga, just for me, this is a huge step for me and I am struggling with the allocation of time and the commitment, Cathy has to help me breathe, not from my throat (on a bad day), not from my chest, on a good day, but from my stomach. I know it is important for the health of myself and therefore the health of my business too.

I would love to know your journey into such discoveries and also how you energize and ensure that YOU remain important in your life. I would also love to prompt this thought for any of you that are on this cusp and need to take this leap with me.


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