Traditional Marketing and Selling V Digital and Social?

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Traditional Marketing and Selling V Digital and Social?

Some of us still remember telemarketing, telesales, PR, some of us still do it I am sure.

This weekend I was so thrilled to walk through Farnham and have taps on my shoulders from strangers – wishing me luck with opening The Business Cafe.

I had been interviewed by a young journalist on our plans, having forgotten all about it I was so excited when people came up to me in the supermarket and streets and recognised me and wished me success. I ran to WH Smith’s, bought the Farnham Herald and along with my family ooooed and ahhhd over the article.

This morning I woke thinking about how little I use the traditional methods of promotion and selling. I was wondering how you all gain awareness and attraction to your business.

I then thought about telephone selling. I find it impossible when my phone goes and I am not expecting a call, even from a friend! There is zero chance for any sales person to achieve anything.

To build relationships with potential sponsors of The Business Cafe I have used events, exhibitions, LinkedIn, Twitter – but have never tried ringing a switch board of a large company and asked to put through the someone -cold.

How about you? Do you do PR, do you use the phone?

Would love to hear your marketing and sales experiences.

I know we have great sales and PR experts in here – Alison Edgar Gemma Guise and Richard Hillgrove- would love your input


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