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Thank you to all those who are willing to share The Business Cafe’s Crowdfund, we appreciate all your help so much
Our #tag is #TBCcrowdfund
Link to our pitch page is
Please contact for any more images or ideas.
Our target is £350,000 and it’s all or nothing, if we don’t get there we get nothing. Investments are uncapped though can start at £10.
We have created this FAQ Blog for questions and answers
We aim to close the fund by Christmas. This fund will enable us to open the first location, property is identified in Peterborough and we hope to sign a lease as soon as funds achieved. More locations are identified, further investment and organic growth, combined with our franchising model will enable scale.
The brands at the base of this page are supporting us with our FREE digital skills through sponsoring our ‘Making Business Digital’ program.
All local business networks will be promoted and very much part of the local agenda in every town, our membership is free, which allows us to encourage members to be part of the amazing networks in every town, we do not seek to compete or disrupt, the reverse. We want to facilitate and help everyone grow.

We have a YouTube channel HERE 

You can share this page. You may know more ‘sharers’
Finally THANK YOU. Gail and I cannot believe the goodwill and support from the amazing people who know what starting a business is like and clearly would like The Business Cafe to be a new home and a new community owned by the people that want and use it.

IMAGES to download below, right click and download or email and we can send these to you.


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