Skills – what is your number one priority to move your business forward?

This is my Wednesday 30th August Thought for the Day for members of The Business Cafe

“Skills… what new skill is your number one priority to move your business forward?”

Last week I talked about the ‘need to keep up and stay relevant’, I loved the comments and discussion that took place in our FaceBook Group (The Business Cafe Global)

Today I woke thinking about the skills I need this year to develop myself and the business to take The Business Cafe forward.

Learning about yourself and learning new skills is a constant, it can be overwhelming at times. I listened to the Elon Musk video that member Jeremy Corner​ shared yesterday when Elon said “we have to solve the problems that our businesses need us to work on, not the problems we like solving”. that hits a nerve, we all love to spend time on the things we enjoy and are good at, not necessarily the things we know we have to do that will be critical to our business success.

I would love to know what niggles you, or maybe excited you, that you are learning and also how are you gaining these skills? Workshops, reading, YouTube, peers?

The three pillars of The Business Cafe are “Community, Skills and Mental Strength” – learning from our members about their lives today, helps us to provide the skills they need to make their tomorrows better

I posted this on our FaceBook Group today, if you would like to join this conversation and the Daily Thoughts, please join our FaceBook Group where we are real, raw and caring. Search The Business Cafe Global on FB or click HERE 

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Post Author: Penny