ROI – such a used or useful phrase?


Tuesday 19th September

Thought for the Day “ROI- such a used or useful phrase…”

I remember the first time I heard the letters ROI and I had to ask them ‘what does that stand for’, since those gorgeously naive days I feel like I hear it in every meeting I go to.
I was thinking about this on Sunday and decided to discuss it here.
I was chatting about it with Hannah – my daughter, over a coffee in terms of friendship and relationships and I said, surely everything is about ROI. When we put any effort in we get a return, it maybe a negative return, and at time when you are giving, you expect that person to receive more than you give. Other times we receive more than we give.
So is ROI really a mindset – a philosophy of how we live our lives. I can’t imagine going into anything at all where my intention wasn’t to give more than I gained.
In business terms people want you to calculate their investment in your service and the return in growth that they will receive. It becomes such an anal task, focused on the finances that we forget that return in an exchange of time can be self esteem, clarity, feeling of worth, belonging and even being loved.
Everyone is seeking something emotional – it may be to be able to outsource or delegate so they get home faster to their family , it may be peace of mind, job security, more skills so they can feel confident, and even to make more money will be so they can purchase all the emotional anchors that enable the above.
It comes down to value, what would I value the most in my life now and what value can I give to others.
I hope as a wife, mother, sister, friend, daughter, business women, speaker, your community leader, client and supplier, I give more value than expected or desired. That is my intention and I love that set of values so deeply that it is subconscious
How do you view ROI and how does it fit with your values?


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