The first time- prepare for the unknown

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The first time….preparing for the unknown

This morning I woke with a great feeling of excitement, tinged with fear, anxiety, the awareness that sometime you have to do something for the first time and that takes a number of elements in our armory to achieve those firsts.

Today’s thought is about doing pushing yourself forward, facing fears, being prepared and managing our minds.

There is always a first time for all the experiences we go through in business. The first time with do a public talk, first time we write a proposal and send it off, first time we pitch to a client, first time we submit our accounts, that moment when we say for the first time “I work for myself”. A huge amount of firsts, and we don’t know if we have really nailed it until we succeed.

So how do we prepare for that first time, when experience of that exact task cannot tell us we can be sure it will work.

My preparation for our first, which is to launch our Crowdfund has included these:

  1. Ask experts – find the people who have done what you are aiming to do and learn from them
  2. Surround myself with skills – know the skills I need to achieve the outcome, build the right team and resources
  3. Preparation – be prepared for the moment, don’t leave anything to chance, but also be prepared for the unexpected, the good and the bad.
  4. Manage my mind – pick up my exercise regime, use mindfulness and write the affirmation I need to read over and over again.
  5. Belief – believe I can do this, time is right – remain positive and surround myself with others that believe. Now is the time to remove negative energies and people.
  6. Be brave – that old adage- “what would you do if you were brave enough” – we are all brave enough.


I would love to explore this with you all.

What have been your BIG firsts?


Are you preparing to do something for the first time and how are you gaining the confidence and skills to do it?




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