Mastering our fears so we can face them and move forward

This is my Tuesday 29th September “Thought for the Day”

“The only things we have the fear, is fear itself”

Franklin D Roosevelt said this. Quite an incredible statement that encapsulates the emotion around face a challenge, fearing change.

Fear is an negative emotion that we can turn into a positive one when we face it. Sometimes, we just feel it, but can’t articulate what we are fearing, so it is hard to know how to create the actions we have to take to face the ‘monster’ in our mind. Amazingly when we do, we make it a set of small thoughts that are suddenly achievable.

Brian Tracy is a Self Development Author and Speaker that I have followed since I met Thomas in 1989 and Thomas arranged a goal setting weekend for me and him with a facilitator of his framework. A 121 session, just us and the Coach who took us through the workbook. It was amazing.

He has written about fear and provides this 6 step process that I like, perhaps if you are facing a fear, or feeling one at the moment, you might like to do this. I did it this year and it helped me to direct my energy toward something that I just knew I had to do to move forward.

Before you do this, here are some of the sentences Brian Tracy said about fear that made me understand fear more.

The emotion of fear, rather than the reality of what we fear , is what causes anxiety, stress and unhappiness

When you develop this habit of courage and unshakeable self-confidence, a whole new world of possibilities opens up for you

the habit of courage can be learned just as any other habit is learned — through repetition. We need to constantly face and overcome our fears to build up the kind of courage that will enable us to deal with the inevitable ups and downs of life

Fear is also caused by ignorance. When we have limited information, our doubts dominate us. Ignorance causes us to fear change, fear the unknown, and avoid trying anything new or different”.

Think about the parts of your life where you have no fear at all because you know exactly what you’re doing. You feel competent and completely capable of handling whatever happens”.

“If we only took the time to learn more, educate ourselves, and understand what we may not know, we would have the courage to change everything. The more we know, the less we fear”.

Here are the 6 steps that Brian Tracy offers that really helped me

  1. Write “What am I afraid of?” at the top of a clean sheet of paper.
    You can also open a word document or a note on your mobile device.
  2. Write down every major and minor fear that you have.
    Think about the aspects of your work and personal life where your fears might be holding you back or forcing you to stay in a job or relationship in which you are not happy.
  3. Arrange them in order of importance.
    What are your biggest fears? Which ones do you need to conquer first?
  4. Write out the worst possible outcome of each fear/situation.
    What is the worst possible thing that can happen as a result of this problem? Will you lose your money? Relationships? Job? Prestige? Write it down.
  5. Resolve to accept the worst possible outcome, should it occur.
    Once you’ve done this, you no longer have anything to worry about because you’re no longer resisting to face the worst possible outcome.
  6. Begin to improve upon the worst.
    Now think of everything that you could possibly do to make sure that the very worst does not occur.

Thank you Brian Tracy, hope this helps anyone here that knows they need to have the courage to do something different. You can sign up to his newsletter here

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