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 Friday 6th October

My thought today came into my mind when I woke, as they always do. I was thinking about my weekend ahead, reflecting on my week and two synchronized thoughts came. This week I needed someone to actively listen to me, and they didn’t have the skills to. This weekend, I need to actively listen to someone, I hope I do.
In neither case a solution is needed, I am not solving a problem, and the person I needed to listen to me was not being asked to solve one for me. Listening, can be so powerful if we really learn how to do it and resist the temptation to ‘solve’.
We are very lucky if we inherently have this skill. Some of us have to learn it. Our eagerness to be kind, our desire to show we know something that will help the other person is where much of our responding may come from. However, we rob the person of the full attention they need and also the ability for them to solve their own problems, which is the kindest and most empowering thing we can do.
This is such a critical human need, we must foster it in our daily lives and encourage the skill. Witin The Business Cafe we have designed ‘Listening Pods’. Part of our “Strong Mind, Strong Business” culture. Encouraging our TBC Friends to sit there and listen, also provide a quiet moment for people who just want to be listened to.
So, this weekend, I will nurture my ears, close my mouth and work on my ability to shut up and listen, not entertain, not find solutions, but listen. As my daughter has taught me this year “mum, you don’t have to solve my problems any more, I just want you to know what is in my mind and share it with you”.
Any thoughts on this would be great, I know there are so many skilled listeners in here, I would love you to embellish my meanderings
Have a fabulous Friday, a fabulous weekend, I hope someone listens to you, and I hope they learn what an awesome listener you are.



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