Keeping relevant in the fast pace of the new world

One of the pressures I put on myself is to keep up! I have been in tech since I was 19 and have lived and worked through the first PCs on desk, the home computer growth, internet, social networking and social media, Software as a Service (SaaS) and now the noise around Blockchain technology, Crypto currencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

I am not a natural early adopter, but I know I have to be pretty early on. This is how I have made my living for 34 years.

All industries have their innovations, even the language of business changes and the philosophies and cultures, leadership, employment, regulations. We all have to keep relevant.

But how far do we take it to make sure we still monetise and use these changes for the good of our souls, sanity and business?

One area that I am deeply aware of and concerned about is what we call the Corporate Refugee, these are people who have reached late 40’s, early 50’s without having to have a personal reputation online, without having to use the social networks, without having to network. Without having to have a broader set of business skills. But suddenly they are out of a job. So this occupies my mind and I think when we open The doors to The Business Cafe we will help a lot of these people

But what about you? Are you keeping up with the pace of change and how do you do it, or can you justifiable say your put your blinkers on and carry on the way you have always ben able to?

Daily I learn. Now I am learning new industries (Blockchain and crypto currencies) but also tools like Pinterest and also SaaS (business applications) that can improve my efficiency on my phone when I am out and about.

I never stop learning about myself, self improvement is key.

How about you? I would love the comfort of your thoughts here today.

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Post Author: Penny