I like you, just the way you are

Wednesday 27th September Thought for the Day #balancedmind

Today’s Thought for the Day “I like you, very much, just the way you are”.


Why is it that these lines from Bridget Jones “No, I like you, very much, just the way you are”, are so memorable to me (and you?) Is it because we all have a quest to improve, remove our ‘imperfections’, look better, be better, yet when someone tells you ‘you are already amazing’, that is the kindest thing they could say, accepting and loving all the imperfections as well as the perfections.

This post is a tribute to all of you, amazing people who stun me daily, with your hearts, minds, deeds and thoughts. My post is also inspired by my meeting with Tony J Selimi, yesterday, who has been on one of the most amazing personal journeys I have ever heard, and his words yesterday helped me sleep, be in balance and taught me a great deal, in only one hour.

Recently, I was thinking about all the work some people put into their personal development, it is quite incredible, this industry and the motivation that as individuals we have to improve daily. Studying, thinking, applying and repeating it all again and again. Maslow says our quest for more is what sets us a apart from the animal kingdom, we are programmed to want more, hence innovation, we never stand still, never satisfied

Yet, I did wonder to myself, is there a risk, that like someone who starts having facial surgery to improve their face, once we start, we find more and more of our imperfections and our life becomes about what is wrong with ourselves, not what is so right?

Today’s thought is about that for me, and I hope it resonates with you, and today you can love yourself a little more, because, all the people that I have met in here, are just wonderful, just the way you are.

One of my quests in life is trust. Who can I trust, how do I build trust. (please don’t analyze that imperfection or perfection in me). I feel trust is an essential element of any relationship. It not based on a flawless person; in fact, it is based on their flaws. No one is perfect, those people who stand on stage and say, be like me, and you too can be happy, rich, successful, it is bullshit, you know it. So why are we tempted to display those tendencies in our personal brands?

I heard an amazing Body Language expert 15 years ago speak at a conference I was speaking at, he said, that our face has hundreds of complex nerves and muscles, each tiny movement gives a tiny expression; of anger, love, hurt, pain, laughter, etc, when we think, we create those expressions, when we talk and engage with someone, we pass the thoughts on. Sadly, when we have facial surgery we kill those nerves that move that muscle and trust is gone. We cannot show the person we engage with what our mind is thinking, we can’t be authentic.

I love the face of a well-trodden path, just as I love the heart of a well-trodden life. It our imperfections that make us adorable, likeable and trustworthy.

So, today, and everyday, let me tell you that ‘I love you just the way you are, my TBC Friends’.


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