Does Google Matter to Your Business?

Tuesday 26th September #Skills –

Thought for the Day – Does Google matter to your business?

I have been in the internet business world since 1997. I have watched all the fads and trends and frantic noises around what is critical. From e-procurement and e-commerce, to social networking, social media, SEO and of course, all the noise now around SaaS (Software as a Service) enabling you to have software on your smartphone, pay monthly and be connected and productive on demand

So, things go by the wayside, fads become the norm and we are expected to have built these ‘fads’ into our business lives and the danger is, we forget them and focus on the new, shiny idea that we must do to ensure we are relevant and cutting edge

So Google- SEO, no longer a sexy topic?…. and in a way, things have changed, we want to be found now in the social media world, relevant in our groups and #tags and Insta, Pinterest. Gain ‘followers’ and be ‘liked’.

But what about when you are Googled what does comes back at the ‘researcher’, the potential client, supplier, event organizer? People like you and I still rely on the google info when we are about to meet someone, (as well as LinkedIN).

When did you last ‘Google’ yourself, and look at the things that come up when you click IMAGES, VIDEO, GENERAL?

Can be a bit scary. Managing your online profile is so important, we do exercises in workshops in ‘visualising’ what people we love would say about us when they come to our funeral, but what would the stranger say who has been following your thoughts and leadership? or your Grandkids when they look you up in year to come. Again, does this matter? Is Google the gateway to you still?

My next thought is, do you still worry about optimizing your website, having the right keywords in place to be found by the person seeking to buy, not use the ‘sell’ words you use when you are seeking to sell?

So today’s thoughts… lets discuss these points, would love to know how you manage it all, and whether this is still important to you, or in deed, important for the first time? How will you learn, who do you use?

Does it matter?

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