Who is your customer avatar?

Thought for the Day #skills 


Thursday 5th October

Thought for the Day #skills Who is your customer?


Today my thought follows on in my head from yesterday when I was thinking about ‘your real value to others’. The sensible next thought is ‘who is the person who can gain the most value from you?’.

Who needs you?

Some call this an avatar, others a persona. I am also writing this following a successful meeting with an investor last night who wanted us to be really clear about who we seek to serve in The Business Cafe and why would they want us to. Great to have the serendipity of thoughts.

3 years ago I wrote a list of the people I can most empathise with. Their emotional state and their needs. Their aspirations and their probable challenges. I then broke this down into what business they might have but also, the people who are dreaming of having a business, the ‘employee’ who wants to become self employed, the new mum who wants to break away from the commute and work locally, the over 50 who is being given roles at work that indicates they are pushing him/her out to grass.

It was easy, I could feel the joy, challenges, fears, needs of people like this, I spend my life around them and I am one.

When I write a blog, a post, an article, a speech, and of course a Business Plan, I am thinking of the avatars/persona’s that I am reaching out to. This means I move all my energy to my heart, relying on my head to be the clever bit in my subconscious. My heart drives my fingers on the keyboard, I can feel it physically beating to the tapping of my fingers. I want my words to have feelings and to speak the language that shows the understanding. The joys, pains, excitements and needs.

So todays thought…… (and I will do this again) visualise your most receptive client, the person who needs you, write down all the reasons they need your skills, your care and love. What is their current state of mind, how can you make them feel better. Whether you are alleviating a niggle about driving leads into their business, their IT needs, their book keeping, their self belief, their time management. They want you to emotionally connect with them and then practically and skilfully solve their need.

This joins up the dots of my posts about ‘being in your flame’, ‘knowing your real value’ and todays… who is it that needs you and why

Have awesome day, and in the comments here, tell me why I need you, as I am damn certain, I do.

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