Elephant in the room – Crowdfunding is about the smaller investor


There is an elephant in the room about our Crowdfund ( bit.ly/TBCcrowdcube ) and I want to remove him, even though he is gorgeous (and note, no elephants were hurt during this post).
First I want to thank all those here who have invested. We are now 13% towards the target. Money is not taken until (and IF) we hit the goal of £350k, so it is safe.
Critically, Crowdcube will not open the page up (hidden from their crowd) until we raise 20% without their help, ( i.e. from our crowd) so we need another £22,000 ASAP)
I have received messages from people apologising for the small amount they have invested, Gail and I want to say to you that no amount is too small. Crowdcube allow anything more than £10 as a minimum.
Also, any investment is an incredible leap of faith and belief in the concept. It is truly heartening when we refresh the page and see a name and that is what we notice first.
I want to share a realisation I had recently. An amazing man, a business friend, launched his crowdfund about three years ago. He has kindly mentored Gail and I recently and continues to offer emotional support through this journey. When we talked the first time about our need for advice, I had to stop the conversation and address the fact I had not invested in his idea.
I explained that Thomas and I were not in a position to invest what we felt represented our respect for him and his idea, so we chose to ignore. It was a lesson, three years on, that our contribution, no matter how small would have made a difference. We could have spared £50 for him and I now know how much difference it would.
Crowdcube advise us that a typical trend is – one third of the money comes in from small contributions, in the £10s, a third in the 100s and a third in the thousands. This shows how important the mass £10s are!
More than all of this, we want to be able to send you a Share Certificate and celebrate that you were all Founding Investors.
If you have invested, thank you, we value you and it
If you are embarrassed to invest but want to, then please read and believe me
If you think that I am a pain in the neck and should stop asking, then sorry, I can’t. We want this so much, we know the difference this will make, we want the community to be Shareholders AND I have now learned to ask (thanks to great mentoring in here), this means I can now also deal with rejection and the odd person being cross with me.
Thank you all x

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Post Author: Penny