Friday is always #BlatantPromo Day in The Business Cafe

It is #BlatantPromo Day in The Business Cafe Global Group. 
Friday 17th November
Today we hear about all the things we can buy from each other.
It is great to build up a supplier list from the community of friends inside a group you are engaged with
We ask member to “Own it”, tell us, be proud, get it out there, do their ASK
We also encourage the thread to be saved, as it is always great to look back on when you need a supplier
Tips are
  1. make it clear, give an idea of costs, sometimes we miss opportunities because people think we will be too expensive. Our investors grew in our Crowdfund as soon as we said £10 (or more) is a great start.
  2. Begin the relationship of being a supplier and watch how special that can become for all
  3. Use the words a buyer needs to hear, not what the seller needs to achieve
yardee yardee yar… GO FOT IT, please join our The Business cafe Global Group NOW.


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