My letter to all my friends- please share

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Dear friends,
I am sorry to ask yet again, please do read on though.
I know how important the small business and startup world is to you, you are one, you sell to them, you want to be one, you have failed at being one. There are 5 million of us in the UK alone, we are the most courageous part of the economy, we bounce, we work, we push through and we care for our clients deeply.
I am so determined to achieve this crowdfund so we can open the first location (and then the 34 we already have in pipeline of interest).I am risking my friendships now to drive this message through, we have such a huge tribe of small businesses wanting this to go ahead, but they are not rich people, which is exactly why they need The Business Cafe. The £10 investors are amazing, so are the £30, we need loads of them and then we need the bigger ones too.
Our Crowdfund is now LIVE and I would love you to be involved, even in a small way. To be able to say “you are a Shareholder in The Business Cafe, thank you and congratualtions”.
Crowdcube, who we chose for very good reasons, have made this pretty tough for us as they changed the rules 5 days before we went live and now only show their investors our pitch once we are 20% funded (through your own connections) we are under a hidden page now. We need another £12k to be unhidden and exposed to their network of investors
For this reason I am really pushing my luck, stretching my ability to ‘ask’ and hopefully still keeping the friends I have.
Russ Shaw is one of our investors,(Tech London Advocates) he has recorded a testimonial here which is great.
-Russ invested as he sees us as a critical Tech Enabler and the next big social networking community to grow, the offline is really needed, especially with the local agenda and all our desires to be part of a community and belong. Loneliness is on a huge increase, we seek to reduce (stop) this in small business.
This is a link to our pitch on Crowdcube, I would love you to take a look and to share it if you feel inclined
We believe Community is a family, listening, caring and supporting one another so our business goals are achieved and our whole self is whole
Many, many thanks in anticipation, don’t stop liking me for the fact I have asked again, it doesn’t need to be much and if not at all, can you tell some of your friends about our pitch
We will do this, Gail Thomas and I are tough, strong, resilient and so passionately believe in the need for us all to have somewhere to feel at home in ourtowns rather than Costa and Starbucks, somewhere that loves us, respects us and helps us. It will happen, but it is down to the shares and the investments and the moment is NOW
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