What are your 5 key (skills) words?

Wednesday 6th September Thought for the Day

What are your 5 key (skills) words?

Today I am thinking about how we find the skills we need for our business. I lay in bed pondering this when I woke, and hey presto, I had my thoughts for today.
If I was looking for a skill I would do a search on Google and also ask friends who they recommended, perhaps in a post on this group or in the wider social world. This is a way I guess a lot of us seek skills.
When I use social media to blog, join conversations online or start a conversation by posting an article on LinkedIN, Tweet or post on Facebook I should be thinking of ensuring some keywords are obvious in order to get the desired result from the effort of writing. This is in line with my thinking yesterday about Input V Output. Whether seeking some knowledge, a supplier or wanting to promoting my own skills.
There is so much noise; trying to break through that noise is the hard part, wanting to be heard, or wanting to listen, we have a lot of overwhelming chatter all around us. I know so many people, but do I really know what their core skills is…
Klout tells me what I am talking about
I have always liked monitoring the noise I make through a system called Klout. www.klout.com – through this I can see the words that I am influential about. (Entrepreneurship, Unemployment, Business, Leadership, Personal Development, Small Business, Social Media) Klout runs an algorithm through all the social networks that I connect it to and then spurts out the actual key words I am being noticed for – I am always relieved that it keeps me on topic despite the fact I do get involved in random, social conversations. I have showed my current results in an image here
Our Community Platform on The Business Cafe will give you as a member an opportunity to tag your profile with keywords that are the skills you have that you are willing to pass onto fellow members. This will enable our Digital Friends to recommend you to members when they join. In their joining Induction, a Digital Friend will capture the new members skills and their desires for more skills As a TBC Friend, you can be part of the team that improves the skills of the local ecosystem of the town.
So for example, a new member wants to know how to learn what cash flow is, or how to run a Facebook campaign, or ways they can improve their ability to overcome set backs, their resilience. Our Digital Friend would look up the Membership and search and match them to a member who has offered to give 30 minutes over a coffee. We hope this creates a win-win, where the TBC Friend gains a new connection and the new Friend gains another person in their life that wants them to be successful.
Matching skills with people who want to improve their personal and business life will be a critical aspect of the way we will help businesses grow, town by town.
So, what are your skills, can you state them here as key words, not sentences?


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